AFC relaxed ahead of league kick off

Hinckley AFC’s players were in relaxed mood last night ahead of the start of the Midland League Division One season on Saturday.

That’s because the lads took to the mats for Pilates before a wind down in the spa before the big kick off this weekend. The evening was held in conjunction with club partners Romans Spa and Perform Physiotherapy, and strengthened our relationship with both club partners.

The Pilates session, led by Andrea from Perform Physiotherapy, lasted around 45 minutes and assistant manager Paul Tomlinson said the session was designed to maintain the workload, but without the running involved. He said: “The lads have had a really tough pre-season with some really tough games as well.

“We had a free Thursday which gave us the opportunity to come to a wonderful facility like this. It’s not a night off because we can see how hard they’re working, but it gives them a night away from all the running.

“The lads are giving it everything as if they were running round a 400m track. These things allow you to have a bonding session and a little bit of fun but there is some serious work as well.”

“We’ve got a tough game on Saturday, we had a tough training session on Tuesday and this is a bit of relaxation for them but with work involved as well. They’ll relax in the spa but know that they’ve got to produce the goods on Saturday.”

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